LOOK Ateneo alumnus to Soc Villegas: Mag sorry na kayo kay Duterte, set a good example!

Read Francis Abraham’s complete Facebook post below:

Ayan Bishop Socrates B Villegas, nahuli na ang k!Iler ni Fr Nilo. Uncle ng seminarista nyong nagmom0Iestya ng mga sakristan ni Fr. Nilo ang nagpakuha ng mga hitman.

Meron pa kayong “They are k!Iling our flock. They are k!Iling us shepherds. They are k!Iling our faith. They are cursing our Church. They are k!Iling God again as they did in Calvary.” You even asked Duterte to “stop the verbal persecution of the Catholic Church because such attacks can wittingly embolden more crimes against priests.”

Well Bishop, surprise! The de@th of Fr Nilo was not due to an emboldened criminal. The de@th of Fr. Nilo was due to a war he waged against a child m0Iester within your own Church.

So Bishop Soc, since you were so affected by Fr. Nilo’s de@th, why not honor him by carrying the cudgels and declaring war against sexu@l offenders within the catholic church. Yan ang dapat ninyong gawin, kesa pinapakialaman nyo ang War against Drgs and Criminality ng gobyerno. Linisin po ang sariling bakuran.

Ilapit ang tao sa Diyos.

Speaking of m0Iestya, naalala ko tuloy yung pagm0Iestya ng isang pari kay Duterte. Nag sorry na po ba kayo on behalf of the Church?

I suggest mag sorry na kayo, kesa kayo ang nagdedemand na mag sorry si Duterte sa inyo. Set a good example. Pakita nyo ang humility nyo so the president can also be “emboldened” to say sorry.

Source: Francis Abraham

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