PANOORIN: Ina ng batang iniwang mag-isa sa kotse habang diumanoy nagwawalwal, nagpaliwanag kay Idol Raffy!

Child abuse is not only limited to physical and verbal abuse of elders among the kids; it also involves the parents or guardians failure to look after the welfare of the child under their care.

That is why netizens outraged when a video of a very young boy left unattended inside the car during the wee hours went viral on social media.

According to Facebook user Jasper Pascual, it was around 4 in the morning when he was about to hop inside his car in the parking lot after a drinking session when he noticed a little boy crying inside the car parked beside his’. When he checked the vehicle, he noticed the child around 2 years of age is alone and unattended. He alleged that the parents left the child while they party in the said place.

“Magulang na walwal iniwan ang baby sa loob ng kotse sa parking lot,” Jasper said adding that the car is locked and even thinking about smashing the car’s window to prevent the child to be suffocated since he is already screaming and crying at the top of his lungs.

When the video reached the attention of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo, he immediately reached out to the kid’s parents to know their side of the story. According to Jenny Caluna, she only left her 1-year-old son inside the car for roughly about 10-minutes.

Jenny explained that she left the child sleeping in the car to pee and attend to her eldest 6-year-old child who is about to eat. She also denied partying and having a drinking session and clarified that they are in the recreation place since she and her husband are managing a restaurant in the place.

The mother, who received huge flak from netizens also said that Jasper is lying when he said that she is drunk, in fact, Jasper is the one drunk and did not even talk to her about the issue. She also admitted being at fault for leaving her son but strongly denied leaving him just to party.

Because of this, Tulfo lectured that any parents should not leave their children unattended even just for a few minutes as a lot of things may have already happened in just a small amount of time.

Watch the full story below:

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